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Nexamus by DnMStarsi Nexamus by DnMStarsi
This is Nexamus from the Dynamic and Mighty series.

Full Name: Nexamus
DOB: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Class: Wonder

Nexamus was said to be created when the Nexus was formed. Through time, it maintain the Nexus and order throughout the universe. It has seen various species' greatest moments in life but all of their worst chapters in their history. Nexamus has mixed opinions on the universal organisms. He neither likes or despises humanity but his hatred for the humans grew as Kaiser, Mortus, Pryford and Newman managed to break into the Nexus. Each of them wanted the power of the Nexus for themselves but were encountered by the entity itself. All of their powers combined were unable to take down Nexamus as it was able to easily overpower them using less than 20% of its power. While Kaiser, Mortus, and Pryford managed to escape the Nexus, Newman was trapped in there and became Nexamus' prisoner. Those darkhearted villains pushed Nexamus into disconnecting the universe from the Nexus and destroying it altogether. But in order to do so, he needs the Starrelics in order to power its body into full power so he sends Newman (using all of his resources and connections from his company) to collect the artifacts. However, his order is often fought against the Dynamic and Mighty who are determined to stop his plan from succeeding. As it lies in the Nexus overseeing these events, he waits for the inevitable to happen whether it'd be the end of the universe or the final battle against the Dynamic and Mighty.

Nexamus is pretty much the "Final Boss" of the series. I was influenced by characters such as Galactus from the Fantastic Four, Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl, Necron from Final Fantasy 9, Duo from Mega Man Battle Network 4 and a few others. He's kinda like a God (but not the God), has the powers of one and has the ability to decide the lives of all (in his universe). At first, he was going to be Kaiser's grandfather but that was scrapped. He was also going to be a old interdimensional human who maintains his own world (which later became the Nexus) but since I made a bunch of humans, he became some creature in Mystical and Powerful Armor that's strong like Katchin from DBZ. The design may look pretty uninspiring compared to others but I've got plans for Nexamus' battle phases.

Nexamus is owned and created by Starsi.
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January 2, 2013
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