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Well Sakurai is almost done revealing the newcomers of Super Smash Bros 4 3DS/WiiU. ALMOST. With the recent reveal of 2 newcomers that happened last week, I wanted to give my honest opinion of the current 11 newcomers of SSB4.

Villager- I barely played Animal Crossing nor do I have the interest of doing so (I'm just not into the aspect of it yet somehow I like playing Harvest Moon.) but I like his style of fighting and how it's true to his game which is collecting stuff like food, tools and enemy projectiles!

Mega Man- The blue bomber in Smash Bros! YESH!!! YESH!!! It's awesome to see a Capcom character in SSB since Capcom was one of the many companies we played back in the NES and SNES days. Although he has his Mega Upper from MvC, he plays more like the classic games of MM, mostly shooting enemies and using weapons. But his Final Smash, currently my favorite Final Smash!!!

Wii Fit Trainer- This game WTF character. An obsecure yet interesting fighter since her power comes from being fit. Although you can use both genders, I'm sticking to the female WFT. :)

Rosalina and Luma- I'll admit. Despite her being popular and being another 2 in 1 fighter, she's one of my least favorites. She's not a bad fighter from my point of view but I'm just a little nitpicky that we got another Mario character when we could've gotten someone like Dixie Kong, Krystal, or whatever. Hell, why couldn't we get a Golden Sun character like Isaac. (Yeah, the female count would be smaller but still...) But when she comes available to all, my opinion of her may change.

Little Mac- A example of how an assist trophy can be a playable fighter. He may have been disliked in Japan but it was great to see him as a fighter in SSB4. I'd like to see LM in Brawl but whatever. A terror on the ground but a turd in the air. Plus it was hinted in the 2013 E3 trailer he was gonna be in. ^_^

Greninja- Like many, when they revealed Charizard as his own fighter (since there's no changing movesets in this installment so ZS Samus and Sheik are their own fighters and Pokemon Trainer is no longer in...) , that shadowy pokemon looked like Mewtwo and we all thought he was gonna be in. But it was instead Greninja and... I'm okay with that. We got two starters and we may get a Grass Starter if Sakurai wants to include one. Yeah, I want Mewtwo but we got 3 Kanto fighters (Jigglypuff isn't revealed yet but she'll be in. She's easy to make and like Charizard and Mewtwo, she's got a boost in XY.), and it'd be interesting to play with a Ninja Starter with his final Smash resembling Ragnarok or Maximum Spider from the MvC games. :D

Mii Fighters- Anyone can be a fighter!!! While many are displeased with that, I think we can attempt to include whoever we wanted to see in SSB. Aside from ourselves, we can have Goku, Cloud, or WTH we wanted in but it'd be impossible b/c of companies and them violating the rules of being a SSB fighter. So IMO I wanted to play as myself in SSBB and now we can in this installment, whether it be a brawler, a swordfighter or a gunner! But will Stage Builder return?

Palutena- Many assumed she was gonna be in with that 3DS leak and Pseudo-Palutena's trophy in that direct and they were in it. Like Mii Fighters, she has a customizable moveset. The female count in this game has gotten higher and I'm thrilled to play as a goddess as well as beating her up in "Super Bash Sisters". LOL

Pac-Man: Namco-Bandai is developing this game so it'd made sense to include one despite that NB characters have no priority in this. But with the Pac being back in his old lovable design (I have no problem with his updated look) and Mr. G&W appearing in the end, this is gonna be a Smash to be remembered!

Lucina: A female Marth clone? NOOOOOOO... I'm just kidding. I have nothing against her since we had a Marth clone in SSBM and no one was annoyed over Roy. And that's what she is IMO, a female Marth lookalike that plays similar to Roy if not the same. And if you think she's just a costume for Marth well you're wrong. Sakurai stated if a character has even a small difference to another, they get a spot on the roster. So in the end, if you loved to play as Roy in Melee, then give Lucina a shot and hope she gets a Roy palette swap.

Robin: Another FE Awakening character joins the fighter and this time, it's your avatar and not Chrom. Robin's pretty interesting as he fights with not only his sword but with magic spells from his books (or tomes as they're called). Like WFT, there's another gender to use since Robin in the original also offered a female version to choose from like in Pokemon. As for Chrom, I'm kinda down but it's cool to see him in Robin's FS so he'll get his chance to fight even if he's just called to assist Robin but he could've been in the roster if he wasn't badly beated by Douglas Jay himself.



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