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Well, folks. We've gotten more news from GF about the next generation of Pokemon! While I was unable to share this initially due to me moving into a new area while waiting to get my home internet set up from Verizon, I will recap that bit of news while sharing the new bit of info that was revealed today.

Here's what we got in May: The new region called Alola, which is based on Hawaii. The starters which were a Grass Owl with dual typing, a Fire Kitten, and a Water Seal  (Rowlet, Litten and Popplio respectively),  field character models no longer being super deformed like in XY and ORAS, the hero/heroine, some new characters, a new move for Rowlet called Leafage which may be as strong as Water Gun and Ember,  a rival trainer (probably although he's probably not the jerk type much to many fans' dismay), and the cover pokemon: a Sun lion  (which I know some Digimon fans have found ways to call out Pokemon for ripping off b/c of this pokemon) and a Moon bat. There was also a few other hidden things found as well as a neat Japanese trailer of the game about a Japanese not moving to Hawaii and befriending a Hawaiian native who's also a Pokemon player (which is cool btw) but I won't go over that.

And now here's what we got today: The names of the legendaries  (although this was somehow revealed earlier) and their types (which wasn't leaked). Solgaleo is the Sun mascot but rather than being a Fire type, it's a Psychic and Steel type with the ability called Full Metal Body which seems to act like Metal Body but there's more to it than what we got IMO but it has a signature physical move called Sunsteel Strike. As for Moon, their legendary is named Lunala, which is a Psychic and Ghost type with the ability Shadow Shield, which reduces damage when Lunala is at full health and the signature special move called Moongeist Beam. Both moves ignore the opponent's abilites. Next, we got a better look at the Alola Region which is divided into four islands much like how Kalos was divided into 3 Areas meaning each island has its own selection of Pokemon. And while I knew this was gonna happen with Alola and its region, I was surprised by how many people thought Alola was a really small region. I mean it's a region based on HAWAII, a US state that has a group of islands acting as one state. No offense or anything but it's just strange though somewhat expected that so many jumped the gun on how small Alola appeared to be. But anyways, trainer customization appears to be back as you can select one of four skin/hair types. Also on the main character official art, there's also a bracelet that looks similar to a Mega Ring which could mean that Megas will return but the design is different so maybe the anime-exclusive Synchro Evolution will play a part. I know some would disagree but it's not uncommon for the show to tease us with stuff not in present games like Togepi in the Indigo League, Blaziken in the Johto saga, Munchlax in Advanced Generation, and a few others. The professor of Sun and Moon is named Kukui which many think is a missed opportunity since he could've been Professor Palm but it's kinda boring and predictable  (unless they called him under a different name of Palm Trees) and the Kukui Nut Tree does count. Also he kinda looks like an Hawaiian JWittz (which is pretty cool and even more awesome if the gave Kukui a Hoppip or one of his other favorite pokemon). He also has an assistant named Lillie who is "mysterious" which could mean she may play a big role in the main story although I hope she doesn't end up like Sycamore's assistance and their contributions to the main story. (Masked Morons...) The other character who i said was the possible rival is Hau (btw the JP trainer had a Hawaiian kid named Hau as well) and he is your new friend in Alola although I wish he was really competitive while being really friendly. And last but least yet is pretty surprising is your Alola Pokedex... And there's a talking Rotom in it! This Pokedex is part of the next generation of its kind but it's only complete when a Rotom goes into this body which is designed for it, thus creating a new way for humans and pokemon to communicate! You can also scan QR codes to read other people's data on a Pokemon as well as register friends into your pokedex! This is a pretty cool concept and while I don't see it as a new form for battle, it would be cool to have a battling Pokedex! And that's it for now. What do you guys think?


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